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Partners & Collaborators

Randy Garber

My work investigates perception and how meaning is deciphered. I use elemental and pedestrian materials (copper plates, copper tubes, player piano scrolls, plastic tubing) and traditional processes (etching, drypoint, graphite and pencil drawing) and deploy the shadows cast from the works to suggest lingering traces and infinite regressions of language spoken, heard and visually encoded.


Jane Goldman

I formed my response to the visual world growing up in North Texas, a landscape of intense sun, flatness, and air. Taking light and the natural world as subjects, I work from a combination of free association and direct observation. I am compelled by the interplay of light and shadow that creates emotional meaning, and am equally interested in looking inwards to depict incorporeal works of imagination.


Catherine Kernan

After many years of edition printmaking, I no longer work to a pre-determined outcome or from a maquette. By working at the interface between printmaking and painting, I can improvise and exploit surprises as they appear in the course of experimentation and exploration.