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Rental Rates and Scheduling

Nine Month Membership: September – May

$500/3 months (4 days/month + an occasional 5th) with a commitment to continue all nine months
Payable by September 1, December 1, and March 1
Make checks payable to Jane Goldman

Summer Schedule for Continuing Members: June – August

$500/12 days
Additional days: $40 each
Scheduling is flexible

Three Month/One Time/Irregular/and Occasional Rental:

Single day: $100
Single week (5 consecutive days sharing the studio): $400
Single week (entire studio): $800
Single month (1 day per week): $300
Three months without a long-term commitment: $500


With Intern Assistant: $650 for a 5-day week at Mixit
Master Session Residency with Collaborative Printer Stacy Friedman: $650 for a 5-day week at Mixit

Storage Fee

$35/month if we store your materials over the summer or other times


Contact Randy Garber for scheduling time and to visit the studio.

  1. Payment entitles members to a 24 hour period on the designated calendar day of the week.
  2. Sometimes there is a fifth day in the month, for which we do not charge. Sometimes we re-claim a day or two to run a workshop. This happens only two or three times in the year.
  3. Three to four artists use the studio on any given day.
  4. Each member is given a key to the Clifton Street door for flexibility.
  5. Major scheduling for the year is done starting in September of each year in three-month blocks and entered on the calendar.
  6. Our preference is for a nine-month commitment.
  7. Preference is given to continuing members to keep their day.
  8. Once you are on the rotation, you may swap days with members.
  9. You may “bank” missed days, but if you are no longer renting, you forfeit the days.
  10. Membership includes a cubby, file drawer and full use of shop. We provide rags, clean-up liquids, use of designated brayers and rollers, and access to all print shop facilities.
  11. The summer months are more loosely scheduled, with the option of consecutive days, workshops, or residencies.

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